My mother, a Japanese lady who came to Korea at the age of 20, during the time of conflict between Korea and Japan, lost touch with her friends and family in Japan. In her attempt to keep her identity and tradition, she recreated Japan she remembered from her childhood. Japan she understood was frozen based on what she knew in 1948. In the meantime, people in Japan evolved, culture changed and people adapted. More than 30 years later when she visited Japan, she was shocked and disappointed. She felt that her homeland betrayed her and the culture corrupted. 

This kind of cultural freezing often happens with immigrants who do not have close contact with people back home. Another kind of freezing happens, usually at the peak of our career or life, when we have confidence and thing are working the way we want. We establish beliefs on what works and what does not, our insights or intuition, and criteria or preferences for decision making. Then, we get frozen. It worked well and made me successful. So, if I want to be successful, I should continue the ways I know. It worked yesterday, so it must work today and tomorrow. 

Unfortunately, it does not. The challenge is that it is difficult for people around them to tell them that they are frozen in time, especially if they are successful. When you see the world wearing yellow sunglasses, everything looks yellow. You think people who are saying the world is blue are crazy and you are right. It’s so obvious, can’t you see it is yellow?

Time never stands still and flows whether you want it or not. The only way we can keep up with time is to flow with it, at the same pace or faster. 

Executive coaching is often an effective way to unfreeze. You need an objective outsider to tell you whether you are frozen or not. It is difficult for us to be objective about ourselves, or even people who are close to us. If you would like to move forward with time, please call Leah to explore executive coaching and other support. Leah@AsterCoop.com, +1 (845) 383-7778.

Every year, the Chinese lunar festival comes around and symbolizes the season of unity, harmony and togetherness. Highly associated with the ancient Asian folktale of the moon, as part of the celebration, mooncakes are gifted and consumed among families and friends.
For the past 17 years, on the 14th day of every lunar month, this UNESCO Heritage Site brings back the ancient traditions and shares them with the world. On the evening of the full moon, around 6-6:30 pm, the harsh street lights are dimmed and only colourful lanterns illuminate the alleyways and walkways of Hoi An. Loud music from the bars is turned down to create a special ambience of peace and to allow the locals to pray in silence.As you walk the streets on the full moon night in Hoi An, you will notice small tables with fruits, incense and drinks set up outside of shops, restaurants and homes. These are offerings for the ancestors and through them the children of the family express gratitude and thanks to parents and grandparents that brought them up. You will also notice small fires being burnt on the streets.

We are reaching out the halfway mark of 2022. It may be hard to believe, yet here we are. Think back to the end of last year, moving into the beginning of this year. We were laser-focused on all the fresh KPIs, goals and objectives for 2022. However, as the year has progressed, perhaps the original vision you saw for your company’s progress has been clouded by market shifts, staffing shortages, supply disruptions and general economic changes.

Conversely, perhaps you’re experiencing significant momentum toward the goals you set out to achieve with your teams. You may even be ahead of your target and want to maintain your progress.

Mid-year is the perfect time to review, reset or revise your goals, as there’s still plenty of time to turn a ship around or accelerate speed to surpass your original projections. It’s also an opportune time for leaders to reflect on what they need to recalibrate. So, here are some questions to guide your mid-year review and push toward making 2022 your best year yet.

While it’s good to be ambitious, it’s crucial to set goals you can accomplish realistically. If you find you’re not making progress on your goals or they no longer seem achievable, it may be time to reset them. To do this effectively, consider what might be holding you back and whether there are any changes you can make to help you reach your goals. For instance, If you’re struggling with staffing shortages, a goal that depended on full staffing may need to be reworked to match your current staff size and work capacities.

Take advantage of the summer slow-down to take much-needed time off. When you feel the urge to track work initiatives, consider the fresh energy you’ll have after vacationing with family or even taking a few days off at home. Work is important, but taking the time to renew your mind will help you reach your 2022 goals faster.

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