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Our Familly Office Services

Families are unique, and their solutions should be too. At Aster, we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to your specific needs. We understand that not every family requires a family office. Regardless of the service you choose, our steadfast commitment remains the same: to nurture family harmony, guarantee the longevity of your wealth, and safeguard the lasting prosperity of your family legacy."

A New Family Office

We set up a family office to meet your needs and goals. We begin by understanding each family member's aspirations, needs, and desires and build the structure and services around them. Asset management serves as a means to an end, ensuring we have the necessary resources to provide benefits to each family member.

Succession Planning

For businesses that are actively operating, succession planning encompasses two critical dimensions: the continuity of the family business and the smooth transition within the family itself. Now is the best time to align with your family's goals and aspirations.

Impact Services

Impact investments, social enterprises, philanthropy – the avenues for making a difference are numerous. When these impactful endeavors align with the core values of your family, they have the power to strengthen family bonds and lay the foundation for a lasting legacy.

Family Office Management

Our approach involves a comprehensive review of your existing structure and its alignment with your family's needs. We thoroughly assess what you have in place, identify potential gaps, and provide recommendations to enhance and optimize your family office for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Emerging Leader Development

Nurturing the next generation to become leaders in their respective fields is the greatest legacy a family can impart. Utilizing a comprehensive assessment, a tailored development plan, and dedicated coaching, we expedite the growth and progression of family members, ensuring their readiness for the future.

Professionalizing Family Business

In family businesses, trust in key individuals can make transitions challenging. We fortify governance structures, establish clear guidelines for family member employment, and implement standardized operating processes to ensure a smoother transition.

What Our Clients Say

Red Roses

A family in Latin America

"We only recognized our organizational weaknesses when we conducted a comprehensive evaluation of our talent pool within the company. We had been inadvertently favoring candidates who mirrored our own thinking, while overlooking those with diverse perspectives. This realization was truly eye-opening for us."
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