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Aster Family Office Advantages:

  • Single Family Office without the burden of SFO. Each family gets a unique family office structure that fits the family’s needs without the headache of big overhead, complex management, and inflexibility.

  • Easy transition from the existing structure and service providers

  • A Family Office Technology with real-time updates, and data consolidation for wealth, risk, and family management. 

  • Families pay for services used and no AUM (Assets Under Management) fees

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Typical Clients
We are a Family Office Coop for entrepreneurs

We operate globally and welcome entrepreneurs from all countries, industries, and business stages.

Our diverse clients is our strength, providing us with global coverage, expertise across multiple industries, and valuable group insights and intelligence.

As entrepreneurs approach their 60s, preparing for both business and family leadership transitions becomes imperative. While the importance of this step is widely recognized, the emotional aspect often leads individuals to delay it. Before passing the torch, founders must also discover new outlets for their energy and passions.

Young entrepreneurs experiencing rapid success have distinct requirements. Their thriving businesses demand their full attention and energy, while their families continue to grow. To navigate this dynamic phase and enhance their quality of life, they require comprehensive support.

Aster defines a family office as a structure & team dedicated to preserving a family’s wealth and wellness. Every entrepreneur is physically and mentally healthy and has a strong purpose. This allows him/her to endure an arduous and sometimes treacherous entrepreneurial journey. He/She knows something others do not know (intellectual capital) and starts a business, gets help from people (social capital) along the way, and achieves his/her success (financial capital).

Once people achieve their success, their memory of how they got there fades and they put strong emphasis on financial capital, their end result. To support a big financial capital, you need bigger intellectual and social capital. You need executives and family members who are physically and mentally healthy and have a clear purpose. That’s the best way to preserve wealth, create impact and build harmonious relationships. 

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Financial capital is a lot more vulnerable than intellectual and social capital. That’s why we hear the phrase “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations” which happens if the family pays attention only to financial capital and not enough care to intellectual and social capital. A few coins in a pocket jingles and a pocketful of coins make holes. 


A sense of fulfillment and happiness are ultimate life goals and they come from integrated wealth (intellectual, social, and financial) and complete wellness (mind, body, and purpose).

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Why Do I Need A Family Office?

You are a maestro. You are the best in what you do and people admire you for the magic. To be a good maestro, you need a good conductor and orchestra members. They bring out the best in you. That’s what a family office does. 

Your family office supports you to be the best you can be. We organize and manage your life and resources and surround you with the best services. You can focus on what you are good at and let us take care of the rest. 

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