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A Family Office for Entrepreneurs

Wealth Preservation · Sustainable Social Impact

Business Growth · Family Life Enhancement

About us
A Coop Family Office for Entrepreneurs and Family-Owned Businesses

We've been serving the entrepreneur and family-owned business communities around the world since 2000 with consulting, coaching, and development services. We've been adding more services to meet the growing demand of entrepreneurs and business owners in our global community and offer full family office services. We are your strategic partner to build multi-generational wealth, business, and legacy. We accompany you through your journey. We share our expertise, experience and wisdom learned over the years to be your guide.

Our Journey

Our founder Leah Zveglich is a musician turned accidental serial entrepreneur, who later learned the art and magic of organizational behavior, a human side of business. In the year 2000, she started a consulting business while raising her son Philip. This enabled her to balance enjoying motherhood and her intellectual curiosity and challenges.


Through word of mouth, the business grew organically over the years, working with multinational companies, international organizations, family owned businesses, and impact organizations. The business followed her from the US, to the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia and back to the US, each country with slightly different names and market focus but always putting the primary focus on the people's side of business. 


In 2015 The Aster Club was born with a request from a client, who wanted to have a private community for collaboration, exchange of ideas and sharing insights with focus on preparing and developing the emerging generations. Over the years, we had members from all of the world coming from over 40 different industries. We met 6 times a year in different locations around the world. It was amazing seeing the magic happen when passionate entrepreneurs get together and engage in thought provoking conversations. Members often explored joint ventures and co-investments. We provide services for governance, succession planning, emerging leaders development programs and more. 

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In 2018, Aster Impact became an independent nonprofit organization to be more active in incubating, advising and advocating social enterprises as means to create sustainable impacts.
We focus on creating an inclusive and circular economy. Our projects are scalable and replicable. As an impact arm of Aster Coop, we provide full support to families for their philanthropic and impact investment needs.  

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Aster Coop was created to meet the changing needs of members and entrepreneurs. They needed more than a collaboration community and needed full support for their businesses to adapt to the drastically changing economic environment, preserve wealth in turbulent and unpredictable investment markets, contribute to the world in a significant way, and support family members to adapt to a fast paced rhythm life. The cooperative structure is aligned with today’s shared economy trends and emerging leaders desire for community, collaboration and impact. 

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