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Meet The Team

Leah Zveglich.jpg
Managing Partner
Leah Zveglich

Leah Zveglich is a family business specialist who focuses on succession planning. Leah is a serial entrepreneur and social enterprise investor. She has worked globally for all sizes of businesses and industries both as an executive and advisor. 

+1 (845) 383-7778

Mike Edlehart.jpg
General Partner
Mike Edlehart

Mike Edelhart is a venture capitalist with over 400 companies invested and several unicorn exits. He successfully manages several early-stage funds and is a technology specialist. 


+1 (415) 699-7646‬ 

Pradeep Menon
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Pradeep Menon was the Managing Director heading the Investing and Advisory business at Refinitiv. He has over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry working in New York, London and Hong Kong.

David Elligton.jpg
E. David Ellington

E. David Ellington is Founder & Executive Chairman of the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society (SVBS). SVBS supports Frontier Technologies including Blockchain, AI, Cryptocurrencies, Spatial Web, AR/VR, Digital Health, IoT and Fintech related projects across industries and for social impact. He is also Former Chair, SFERS (US$20B).

+1 (415) 699-7646‬

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C. Derek Campbell

C. Derek Campbell is the Executive Chairman of African Metals Group, Ltd., a strategic metals/critical minerals/rare earth elements asset acquisition corporation that supports global energy transition. He is also the Executive Chairman of AlphaSierra Group, as well as a Principal in Aquila Capital & Partners.

+1(202) 747-5845 

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