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Pradeep Menon


Pradeep Menon was the Managing Director heading the Investing and Advisory business at Refinitiv. 


He has over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry working in New York, London and Hong Kong.  He started his career in JP Morgan as a quantitative developer and later traded Equity Derivatives. He co-founded, RiskMetrics Group (spun out from JP Morgan) which he took public (NYSE: RISK), and eventually sold to MSCI (NYSE: MSCI).  


Post the sale, he is an active venture investor and most recently served as Chief Revenue Officer at Dataminr, a Venture backed start-up that built natural language processing algorithms on open source, unstructured data.


Outside of work, Pradeep has set up an eco-friendly coffee plantation that uses sustainable methods in the production of Coffee, Pepper & Cardamom. This is also a socio-economic venture that is as much about the people working on the plantation as it is about the environment and its biodiversity.


He has experience in fundraising, negotiating JV's, strategic partnerships.


His specialties are risk management, data science, SaaS, and entrepreneurship.

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