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Michael Eisa

Vice President

Michael is a relentless and visionary leader who mainly focuses on achieving tangible results. He is a problem solver and a relationship builder for high customer & partner satisfaction for new ongoing business.

He is a business development specialist, and a rainmaker, with experience in successfully opening new markets in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) region for new products & services, and strategic initiatives. His experience in managing businesses in different regions for the last 20 years gives him a deep intercultural understanding. His business experience and expensive global network, established while working for leading IT companies such as Intel, Microsoft, and Novell, enables him to successfully execute difficult and sensitive business strategies, projects, and situations. 


He has extensive leadership and strong expertise in commercial business across multiple verticals (e.g., Communications Multi-Media & entertainment / Telecom & Financial Investment Securities (Investment Banking) / Cloud Services Providers & IoT Services) and can provide strong leadership in direct sales and business development strategies with an ability to vividly communicate new ideas and work effectively within global multi-cultural & multi- diverse ethnical teams.


His multi-language ability allows him to manage a global business with ease: English, French, Arabic, Italian, and Japanese. With the support of his team, he can manage Spanish and Korean as well. 

He was born in Suez, Egypt. He worked in the USA (New York, Washington D.C., Dallas, TX, and San Francisco, CA) and then in Europe (London, Paris & Monaco). He is currently based in Monaco. 

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