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This Summer is not like any other Summer in the past. After two years of couch travel, finally, we can go places and hang out with friends and family. We can have gatherings. Appreciation of social interaction is genuine after endless virtual interaction. We surely missed talking to a person and looking at his/her face.


Summer represents life and the endless opportunities that await. It represents optimism, positivity, hope for the future, and joy. Summer is a time of our lives when we are strong and embarking on adventures. It symbolizes freedom, happiness, idleness, and self-development. 


This is the best time for strategic thinking, reflection, and self-development. When we are away from our day-to-day environment, it puts us in a new frame of mind helping us think clearly and objectively. When the business is slow and the school is on break, this is a great time for long-term planning and self-development. Anything you’ve been putting away because you were too busy, NOW is the time. 


  • Family strategy, governance, and succession planning

  • Setting up or restructuring a family office

  • Business growth strategy, governance, and talent management

  • Audit or review an existing structure, process, and team

  • Impact plan/principles


If you need support for advice or coaching, please reach out to

If you need an offsite venue in exclusive private villas, please contact Nazma Sylvia Nielsen And take a look at the Website.

We love our pets. We take care of them as if they were our children. We feed them, talk to them, caress them, and take them for a walk. Some people insist their pet is like their children. 


However, they are different. With pets, you have a limited expectations knowing that you cannot fully communicate with them and they have limited intelligence. You hope your cat stops scratching your favorite sofa but when it happens, you move on. What do you expect from a cat? You live with a sofa full of scratches. When your dog chews your favorite shoes, well, what do you expect? He/she is a dog who likes chewing. 


Some parents confuse pets and children. They let them eat whenever and whatever they want rather than guiding them with healthy eating habits. They let them get whatever they want and later complain that the children are misbehaving. 


Children learn from behavioral examples rather than from verbal expressions. Please take time to guide them, show them, explain to them, and repeat with patience. Summer is a great time to re-establish bonds with children. 

Europe Family Office Investment Summit in London has attracted 97 single-family offices from the UK and Europe.

The European Family Office Investment Summit, organized by Alea Global Group, a single-family office in Kuwait, returned to London on 16-17 June 2022 and celebrated its success. The Summit featured panel discussions and fireside chats with business leaders and family offices who have the power and passion for creating social impact in meaningful ways.

Over 97 family offices attended the summit. Esteemed speakers and attendees explored diverse topics including cryptocurrency, investments and finances, technology and the future, sports, and roundtable discussions. 


Leah Zveglich, CEO of Aster Coop moderated the summit. Participants appreciated her insights and deep-dive questions coming from her years of experience in the family business and family office. 


She led a fireside chat on sports investment. Esports has grown from a fringe pastime to a multi-billion dollar industry seemingly overnight. With the fun of video gaming, the connectivity of the internet, and the competitiveness of professional sports, esports has found a winning combination that has exploded in popularity. 


Lockdowns, of course, helped to fuel the rise of this industry, as people stuck at home sought outlets for their boredom and need for human connection. But even prior to 2020 the evidence of its mass appeal could be seen.

SPIRE Academy offers e-sports majors for high school, which opens up career opportunities besides the potential for joining a university e-sports team.


On June 19, 1865, enslaved African Americans in Texas were told they were free. Juneteenth, an annual commemoration of the end of slavery in the United States after the Civil War, has been celebrated by African Americans since the late 1800s. A century and a half later, people across the U.S. continue to celebrate the day, which is now a federal holiday.


We came a long way since 1865 but not far enough. Due to racial bias and systemic discrimination, BIPOC and women business owners have difficulty accessing the capital, expertise, and network needed to grow. Versity Partners, a business rollup fund, invest in profitable mature professional service businesses that have been in operation for years but have not had the capacity to expand due to a lack of resources.

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Upcoming Events

APAC Family Office Investment Summit:

Sep 08 – Sep 09 - Singapore

Now in its fourth edition, the APAC Family Office Investment Summit is a firm fixture in the calendar of the most prominent and influential families in the region – as well as those who want to do business with them.

Korea Family Office Forum

 Oct 08 - Seoul

A day of panels and talks for business leaders and family offices who have the power and enthusiasm to take their work and impact to the next level.

Middle East Family Office Investment Summit:

Nov 07 -  Dubai

 Now in its Ninth edition, the Middle East Family Office Investment Summit is a firm fixture in the calendar of the most prominent and influential families in the region – as well as those who want to do business with them.


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