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May Newsletter




Succession planning is a big issue with the aging population as well as global business expansion to move away from overreliance on export. Family-owned businesses are key economic drivers of South Korea with a steady growth rate.


Please lookout for more news from Korea, the hub of economic and cultural activities in Asia!

If you would like to partner with Aster Coop in your country, please reach out to Leah for exploration. 


We are happy to announce Aster Coop has a presence in Korea with Mr. Junho Song as director. 

South Korea is a country with a 52 million population in a land size of Hungary, Portugal, or the State of Indiana in the US. It was one of the poorest countries in the world in the 1950s. After decades of rapid economic growth and global integration, South Korea has become a high-technology, industrialized, $2 trillion economies led by such sectors as electronics, telecommunications, automobile production, chemicals, shipbuilding, and steel. Some of you might be addicted to K-pop, K-drama, and K-fashion.


e-Sports is a form of competition using video games. When it started some 20 years ago, people thought it was something for video game addicted teenagers. Labeling competitive video games as a sport is a controversial topic. Now e-sports have become a mainstream competition that the Olympic Committees are seriously considering as a sport for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. 


The industry, led by Korea at its infant stage, now strong in China, has grown so much that the sports analysts predict that e-Sports will surpass the regular sports within the next decades. There are 24 categories of jobs related to e-sports that growing in demand for players and professionals. 


SPIRE Academy offers e-sports majors for high school, which opens up career opportunities besides the potential for joining a university e-sports team.

Importance of Responsible Capital Initiatives

Aster coop

Aster Coop has two responsible capital initiatives: 

  • Providing family office services to minority entrepreneurs so that they have higher chance of building multi-generaltional wealth. 

  • Versity Partners: a business rollup fund for BIPOC (Black, Indegenous, People of Color) owned service companies to give minority babyboomer business owners a possibility for good exit. 


The wealth gap continue to widen, and BIPOC & women significantly own less wealth. That’s why it is important to provide extra support to bridge the gap and create a virtuous cycle of wealth and prosperity. Learn how you can help BIPOC and women-owned businesses by investing and supporting them.

Upcoming Events

Europe Family Office Investment Summit

Jun 15 – Jun 16 - London

London has been the hub of family office. Even with the change of Brexit and COVID, it attracts family offices from Europe, Africa, Middle East and more. During the two days, family business owners, family office principals and executives will share their insights on global economic trends, hot business topics, business and investment opportunities and more. Attendance is limited to family business owners and executives, and family office principles and executives. 


5th Aster Summer Camp for Emerging Leaders of Family Businesses

Jun 24 - Jun 28 - Denmark

A special program designed for the emerging leaders of family businesses, it’s an opportunity to share experiences and insights from peers who are in a similar situation. We learn the latest management trend design thinking and apply it to what is important for us whether it is the family business, a start-up, impact project, or personal life. It’s an opportunity to take 5 full days off and focus on personal development, strategy, learning, and development.

Spire Summer camp

Jul 24 – Aug 13 - Geneva, Ohio

 SPIRE Summer Camp is for students aged 14 - 18, who are interested in Swimming, Wrestling, Soccer, Track & Field, and E-sports. Held in SPIRE Academy campus in Geneva, Ohio, USA, July 24 - August 13 for 3 weeks, 18 students will work one-to-one with coaches who train Olympians. Please join early as it is limited to 18 people.


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