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A Coop Family Office for Entrepreneurs
We are an organization owned by and operated for the benefit of those using our services
reunión de negocios

Unique Benefits
of Cooperative:

Members are owners.

  • Make key decisions by vote: elect board, approve management team and more

  • Contribute with active participation in various committees

  • Receive profit sharing each year, in proportion to services used

  • Tax benefits by keeping funds in your Coop account

  • Group purchasing power for better service

Aster Family Office Advantages:

  • Each member gets a unique family office structure that fits the family’s needs

  • Easy transition from the existing structure and service providers

  • A Family Office Technology with real time update, and data consolidation for wealth, risk and family management. 

  • Members pay for services used and no AUM (Assets Under Management) fees

  • Wide choice of service providers getting their full attention

  • Access to exclusive off-market investment opportunities 

  • Participate in investment opportunities as a group

  • Management team and members have the same objectives

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