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Changing The World, One Job At A Time

Revolutionizing The Foreign Worker Recruitment System

In a world that presents itself as a global village, lack of access to equal career prospects is a threat to socio-economic development.

Aster International, an impact benefit corporation of Aster Coop, strives to bridge the gap between the underprivileged and job opportunities to give everyone an equal chance at a good life. impact investment

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From the forgotten youth and women to marginalized minorities, our vision extends beyond the boundaries of age, gender, and localities to transform the world – one job at a time. 

Our Core Belief: Fair Trade

The current recruitment process is unequal and unethical, tilting towards those with better means, resources, and networks to fulfill them. 

We believe in creating a system where everyone has an equal opportunity to shine. 
Therefore, the Aster International foreign workforce recruitment system upholds Fair Trade.



No placement fee, no debt; whereas the foreign worker recruitment market financially exploits desperate workers, we offer complete financial and social support.


Our line of work puts a stop to human trafficking and bondage issues, prioritizing career development while upholding constant support and intervention.

Socially Responsible


We are the only service provider with a socially responsible foreign worker recruitment system that combines profit and purpose to create change that lasts.

Simplified Recruitment Process

Our comprehensive services are guided by transparency, accountability, environmental performance, and purpose. 

From extensive job search to successful employment, we do it all. 

Craft Change That Truly Matters

Aster International has partnered with social development organizations, skill development corporations, and placement agencies to make the entire process seamless. 

Promoting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we intend to play our part in achieving the following:

  1. Decent Job Opportunities

  2. Developing Career

  3. Supporting Women

We pair the ideas of worker shortages and brain drain to provide comprehensive, holistic, and discriminatory employee solutions for organizations across the globe.

Change The Tide. Create A Legacy!

Break free of the shackles of discrimination and societal norms to offer economic opportunities to those who truly deserve them. 

Aster International defines the idea of socially responsible recruitment and makes it happen. 

Want to be a part of the change that matters? 

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