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Aster Impact manages all the impact services and activities for Aster Coop
Our Mission:

We support an inclusive economy that creates opportunities for underprivileged people to live with dignity, support themselves and their families, and make a contribution to their communities.

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Social Enterprise Criteria
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The foreign worker recruitment system by Aster International is affordable, ethical, socially responsible, and truly one-of-its-kind. Explore what we do!

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Aster Eco-Village redefines the concept of sustainable businesses through a comprehensive model incorporating the best interests of people, planet, and businesses. Reach out to us today!

At Aster, we look forward to partnering with growing businesses, motivated to make a positive social and economic impact.

Our criteria for selection are:

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Contributes to an inclusive and circular economy for maximum impact.

Business is scalable and replicable, enabling others to follow.

Solves a vacuum in the market caused by the failure of free market.

Our projects build individual/community capacity, enhancing growth prospects.

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